Why Gecko School?

A School With A Difference

Explore, Expand, Edu­cate: Your child’s mind knows no bound­aries! That’s why at Gecko we take chil­dren out­side the four walls of the class­room, let them explore, touch and feel the world around them, help­ing them make sense of it and devel­op­ing skills that will last a life­time.

Fun and Safe Learn­ing Envi­ron­ment: At Gecko School chil­dren can free their minds and focus on what’s impor­tant – fol­low­ing their pas­sions, acquir­ing knowl­edge and devel­op­ing new skills in a clean, safe and stim­u­lat­ing envi­ron­ment.

Small class­es for big ideas: When it comes to class size – less is more! Gecko class­es have always been, and will remain small, pro­vid­ing each child with indi­vid­u­al atten­tion from the teacher. We know all our chil­dren and all par­ents by their name – because that’s what friends do!

Diverse and open-heart­ed com­mu­ni­ty: Gecko is more than a school, it’s a com­mu­ni­ty. Our stu­dents don’t just attend the school, they become a part of it. And so do the par­ents! Togeth­er we provide valu­able ser­vice to the local com­mu­ni­ty show­ing love and care to the island that we live on.


Admis­sions are open at Gecko Nurs­ery School in Phuket, all chil­dren aged 3 to 7 are  wel­come to join our com­mu­ni­ty of curi­ous explor­ers and dis­cov­er­ers.

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