What we teach?

Here at Gecko we go beyond tra­di­tion­al cur­ricu­lums and teach skills that will last a life­time:

Emo­tion­al Intel­li­gence

At Gecko, we feel the emo­tion­al health and well­be­ing of a child is just as impor­tant as acad­e­mia. Emo­tion­al intel­li­gence is the abil­i­ty to under­stand and man­age emo­tions.  We teach chil­dren a range of skills that can be devel­oped and built upon so they have bet­ter inter­per­son­al rela­tion­ships. Emo­tion­al intel­li­gence will take dif­fer­ent forms such as med­i­ta­tion, yoga, time in, cir­cle time, breath­ing, pay­ing atten­tion to the small moments and appreciations/gratitudes.



There is a diver­si­ty of pas­sions and inter­ests in all of us, and at Gecko we believe it is impor­tant that chil­dren find their own pas­sions. Our aim is to expose them to many oppor­tu­ni­ties and expe­ri­ences in the hope they will find their pas­sion. Cre­ativ­i­ty and pas­sion leads to suc­cess and hap­pi­ness. At least once a mon­th at Gecko we have ‘Pas­sion Day’ where the chil­dren can learn about what­ev­er they like. We have even tri­alled this for a whole week and found that the chil­dren were so immersed in their ‘pas­sion’ that time had no bound­aries and some chil­dren did not break for snacks and play time. Dur­ing pas­sion times chil­dren are encour­aged to try some­thing new, learn from and teach each oth­er, step out of their com­fort zone and become excit­ed about learn­ing.

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